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Brakes - Hydraulic Brake Line & Fittings

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Why HydraLine (Flexible Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line)?

HydraLine is flexible stainless steel braided brake line which outlasts conventional steel brake tubing due to its durable material in harsh environments.

Quicker to fit up, with no flaring required on tubing, HydraLine takes about 1/5th of the time to fit in comparison to conventional brake tubing. There are also less joins than conventional steel brake tubing, decreasing fitting time, and adds to the strength and durability.

HydraLine can be installed by sliding the flexible line up the box section of the trailer and pulling through holes where required. This is not only a neater finish to the trailer, but also means the brake line is protected inside the trailer.

(180922) HL2500-1 Hydraline Kit

Retail Price $132.00
Save: $32.05
ISP Islington Price: $99.95

(180924) HL3500-1 Hydraline Kit

ISP Islington Price: $144.00

(180926) HL4500-1 Hydraline Kit

ISP Islington Price: $156.00

(180930) HL2500-2 Hydraline Kit

ISP Islington Price: $204.00

(180932) HL3500-2 Hydraline Kit

ISP Islington Price: $228.00

(180934) HL4500-2 Hydraline Kit

ISP Islington Price: $276.00

(180936) HL5500-2 Hydraline Kit

ISP Islington Price: $288.00

(180940) HL500R Hydraline 500mm Hose

ISP Islington Price: $34.25

(180944) HL700R Hydraline 700mm Hose

ISP Islington Price: $34.25

(180950) HL1000S Hydraline 1000mm Hose

ISP Islington Price: $37.90

(180954) HL1200R Hydraline 1200mm Hose

ISP Islington Price: $47.70

(180960) HL1800R Hydraline 1800mm Hose

ISP Islington Price: $51.35

(180968) HL2500S Hydraline 2500mm Hose

ISP Islington Price: $62.40

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 Results

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